Use WASD/arrow keys to move.

Use your mouse to look around.

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Aberdeen Music Hall might be closed but you can still explore the Stepping In Screen
through this virtual reconstruction of the space and screen.

Controls: WASD / Arrow keys to move, mouse to look around, press esc to exit.

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Currently showing on the Stepping In Screen


8mins 34s HD, Design and Code

Aberdeen‐based creative agency Design and Code bring their unique mix of creative and technical expertise to the Music Hall screen with a celebration of Doric dialect, synonymous with our sense of identity in the Northeast.

Glisk is a Doric word meaning ‘sideways glance’, and the commission contains some of the public’s favourite Doric words and phrases that were brought to life on the big screen during the Look Again festival in 2019. As well as input from the public, Design and Code have collaborated with Morag Myerscough, using pattern from her Love at First Sight work in the Castlegate as inspiration.

Jo Gilbert’s poetry for Love at First Sight also featured, with the project creating a call and response in Doric along Union Street.

Design and Code Look Again Festival

Invisible Landscapes of Music

3mins 04s HD, Susanna Murphy & Cristina Spiteri

Revealing the dramatic beauty of hidden ecosystems and microscopic landscapes that lie beneath the surface of the musical world. Through film and augmented reality an exploration of scores, instruments and physical media uncover a mysterious, rarely seen world, now writ large.

Bright Side Studios design immersive experiences that connect people with stories and spaces. They dynamically engage with audiences across both the cultural and commercial world, and have collaborated with ASCUS Art & Science on the realisation of this beguiling project.

Bright Side Studios

Co-commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and New Media Scotland's Alt-W Fund with investment from Creative Scotland.


3mins 18s HD, Charles Young

Charles Young is best known for his project Paperholm, where he designed, made, photographed and animated one tiny model building each day out of watercolour paper for one thousand days. His work explores ideas around the perception of space, imagination and memory.

In this new series of HD animations, he has made a paper model of the neighbourhood that surrounds the Music Hall to show the neighbourhood from various angles and at different scales. This base of the existing city has then been added to with a layer of invented structures and occupation, that are bound to delight.


Co-commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and New Media Scotland's Alt-W Fund with investment from Creative Scotland.

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